"The Walking Dead" Season 7, Episode 3, "The Cell." This Sunday's November 6 episode will show Daryl at the Saviors's base, called the Sanctuary, and he's not going to have fun.

Entertainment Weekly shared some bad news for Mr. Dixon in its weekly Q&A:

Please offer me some hope about Daryl on The Walking Dead. — Raille

Would if I could. We'll finally get to see where Negan has taken Daryl during Sunday's episode. While he hasn't met the same fate as Glenn and Abraham, the road ahead is rough. For one, the new living conditions are not ideal, especially when you find out what Negan's been feeding him. "I'm butt naked ... eating dog food in the next episode our show," Norman Reedus reveals. "It was pretty gross." That's an understatement.

Some fans might not mind the idea of a naked Daryl, but this sounds as unsexy as it gets. He's being broken down like Negan's new pet dog. It's especially degrading considering we learned in Season 4 that Daryl is an outdoor cat, not a dog. You feed Pookie the Friskies, not the Alpo!

Dog food is not new to TWD. You may recall Carl Grimes finding some dog food in the Season 3 premiere, just before they got to the prison, when the group was super desperate. Rick wouldn't let Carl sink to eating dog food (and Daryl managed to kill an owl) but Season 7 is sinking our group to serious new depths, and dog food may be as good as it gets for now.

Here's more Daryl scoop from TVLine, with hints of slight redemption for the conflicted Dwight:

Question: Got any scoop on The Walking Dead? — Jeff

Ausiello: Sunday's episode (AMC, 9/8c) not only gives us our first real impression of what life is like at the Saviors' Sanctuary — and a worrisome indication of how Daryl is going to fare there — it also forces us, however reluctantly, to reconsider our opinion of Negan's henchman Dwight.

Dwight is such a fascinating, conflicted character in the comic book, and "The Cell" preview not only shows him, it looks like we'll hear from his wife, Sherry, another reluctant new Negan follower. We may even get the story of how Dwight got his face burnt in the time between Daryl meeting them in the woods and then meeting them again post-Saviors. Norman Reedus previously teased to EW that "Daryl never forgives himself" for Glenn's death, and "He goes to a very, very dark, dark place" from there. Reedus added to TV Guide, "You see shots of him being shoved down a hallway, and pushed by the head... And he's not fighting back, at all. He thinks he deserves to be there, and whatever is going to happen to him, he's just going to let it happen. He feels incredible guilt over what just happened. He's lost the will to fight back."

Carol, where are you to pull another Terminus?!

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