Amy Adams (right) as Louise Banks in ARRIVAL by Paramount PicturesUPDATE: We jinxed it. Mea culpa. Right after posting about the 81 fresh reviews for "Arrival," two "rotten" reviews showed up. Party poopers. It's still doing well, though. Sigh.

Original post:

Look! We found something everyone agrees on: "Arrival" is a good movie. The sci-fi drama starring Amy Adams hits theaters this Friday, November 11 and -- at the risk of jinxing it -- it is holding steady with a 100 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, after 81 reviews.

It will probably have more reviews by the time you read this, and it's possible someone out there will rain on the alien parade. But it's a marvel to see any major movie like this stay 100 percent positive through that many critiques. You can see how rare that is.

"Arrival" has yet to be "Certified Fresh" but it appears to have met the criteria so it's only a matter of time. Here's the criteria for that:

Movies in wide release with a Tomatometer of 75% or better and at least 80 reviews from Tomatometer Critics (including 5 Top Critics).

Movies in limited release with a Tomatometer of 75% or better and at least 40 reviews from Tomatometer Critics (including 5 Top Critics).

Movies designated with the seal retain the Certified Fresh status as long as their Tomatometer remains above 70%. The Certified Fresh designation may be held at the discretion of the Rotten Tomatoes editorial team.

"Arrival" currently has fresh reviews from 14 Top Critics, with zero "rotten" reviews at all.

The movie hasn't opened yet in several countries, beyond the U.S., but audiences got to see it at the Telluride and Toronto film festivals, among other screenings, and it currently has an impressive 8.5 rating from IMDb users, and an 81 percent rating from Metacritic.

But seeing anything hold a 100 percent rating at a time when the world seems divided on everything ... well, that gives us hope. Hope that maybe it takes an alien species to bring us together. So be it!

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