Screen Junkies' Honest Trailers series is back again, and as usual, it has hilarious criticism to dole out.

That latest victim is "Independence Day: Resurgence," a film the narrator calls "twice the size and half the fun" of its predecessor. The video takes issue with a number of aspects of the movie, from its lack of inspiring speeches to its liberal use of special effects. The studio should have been able to come up with something better in the 20 years between the two alien action flicks, Honest Trailers argues.

The absence of Will Smith got plenty of attention as well. The film is described as bringing back "all your favorite characters, except your favorite character." The narrator also quips that it is based on "a script so bad Will Smith chose to do 'Suicide Squad' instead." Burn.

Apparently, even "one of those handsome Hemsworth brothers" couldn't save it. File it under #sequeltroubles.

Watch the Honest Trailers analysis below.

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