Getting into a serial killer's head is even creepier than it sounds.

In the upcoming film "Solace," retired physician Dr. John Clancy (Anthony Hopkins) agrees to use his psychic powers to help his former colleague FBI Special Agent Joe Merriwether (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) track down a serial killer. That should give them a huge leg-up on the murderer, but as we see in the new trailer, there's a huge complication: It turns out the dangerous man has even more powerful abilities than even Clancy.

Needless to say, things get scary quickly. The trailer shows the team coming to the realization that the murderer not only knows that Clancy can get in his head, he is using that fact to manipulate them. It's some dark stuff, so there's no shame if the film's preview alone freaks you out.The film also stars Abbie Cornish and Colin Farrell. "Solace" hits theaters on Dec. 16.