Once again, Donald Trump lashed out at "Saturday Night Live" for mocking him, but this time Alec Baldwin didn't just sit back and take it. The actor tweeted some ALL-CAPS advice to our POTUS-elect, and basically promised more of the same for the next four years (at least).

Trump hosted SNL last year, but when Baldwin started playing Trump this year, the future prez tweeted that the "boring and unfunny show" should be canceled, adding, "Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks." Baldwin just retweeted Trump's dis that time, but this week he shared his own critique of Trump's complaints.

It started with SNL's (pretty scathing) November 19 cold open, with Baldwin's Trump Googling "Isis," taking a brief meeting with Jason Sudeikis's Mitt Romney, and getting updates from Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway, shown to be deeply regretting her role in helping Trump win: The Trump jokes continued during Weekend Update:Without pointing to anything in particular, Trump reacted to the episode the next morning:

Alec Baldwin replied in force from his foundation's account:

Some fans replied that Baldwin should be the next president, and considering some of his own outbursts in the past, he may have the exact temperament to win.

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