We're coming up on nine years since Heath Ledger died in January 2008. Can you believe it? The actor left behind a daughter, Matilda Rose, born in October 2005 while he and his "Brokeback Mountain" co-star Michelle Williams were still together. They had broken up before his death, but Williams always expected him to be there to co-parent Matilda.

Now Matilda Ledger is 11 years old, and Williams -- who co-stars in the Oscar favorite "Manchester by the Sea" -- told Porter magazine she's never going to be able to accept that her daughter is growing up without her father.

"You know, that's just something that doesn't ... I mean, it just won't ever be right. In all honesty, for pretty much everything else, I feel like I'm a believer in not fighting circumstances, accepting where you are and where you've been. In pretty much all senses but one. I would be able to go totally down that line of thinking were it not for Matilda not having her dad."

It really is such a shame. Williams talked about knowing a handful of other women in the same position -- "It's a sh*tty club and we don't want any new members" -- and she's grateful that she has their support. She's pretty candid in the interview, admitting she "certainly did not expect to still be dating at 36 with an 11-year-old."The actress called herself a "very domestic creature" like a cat, in that she just wants to stay home and take care of people. "But I'm also happy with myself and just because I might have a desire to be with someone ... that won't lead me to marry the wrong person."

Williams has yet to marry, after dating Ledger from 2004 to 2007, then Spike Jonze, Jason Segel, Jonathan Safran Foer, and whoever else she wants, since it's her life. Read her full Porter interview on newsstands this Friday.

[via: Page Six]

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