WestworldWill Dolores find the center of the maze in the season finale of "Westworld"?

The first season of the sci-fi Western drama concludes on Sunday night, and there are so, so many questions left to be answered. The official synopsis of "The Bicameral Mind" doesn't reveal much: "Ford (Anthony Hopkins) unveils his bold new narrative; Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) embraces her identity; Maeve (Thandie Newton) sets her plan in motion."

HBO released four images from the 90-minute finale to tease fans on what's to come. The first is the one above, of Dolores looking angry, fierce, and determined, standing near a train at a railroad station. Whether it's the one in Sweetwater is unclear.

The next one shows Dolores and the Man in Black (Ed Harris) walking through the cemetery, presumably outside the church at Escalanate, right past her grave, which reads "Dolores Abernathy."WestworldThe third photo shows Maeve, Hector (Rodrigo Santoro), Felix (Leonardo Nam), and Armistice (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal) within the corporate facility. Note that Hector is dressed as a staff member, while Maeve is wearing a very modern outfit — as if she's an employee or guest:WestworldIn the final photo, Teddy (James Marsden) looks shocked as he stands amid carnage of dead hosts in Sweetwater:Westworld

And if you want to glean more, here's HBO's teaser for the finale:"Westworld" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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