Maybe we're just too easily amused, but every time Chris Pratt posts a new Instagram photo with his "Passengers" co-star Jennifer Lawrence, it cracks us up.

Pratt has made a running gag out of blocking Lawrence's face, or almost completely cropping her out of photos. He doesn't mention that he's doing it, he just keeps posting photos (and even a video) with "best buddy Jen" and acts like they're completely normal instead of half of her face, or the back of her head, or just her arm drinking from a glass behind him:

Why is it hilarious every single time?!

Both actors are naturally funny, but "Passengers" is hardly a comedy -- it's more like "Titanic" in space. They just can't help but be goofy behind-the-scenes while promoting it.

"Passengers" will be released in theaters December 21. Take a closer look at the mysterious trailer over here. And don't forget to keep checking Pratt's Instagram to see more partial photos of Jennifer Lawrence.

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