Nope, you don't got it, dude, and you're not getting it anytime soon.

Whatever Michelle Tanner's deal, Netflix's "Full House" revival acknowledged the absence of the Olsen twins's character for a second year in a row by once again breaking the fourth wall. This time, though, a direct appeal was made into the camera, during the "Fuller House" Season 2, Episode 6 Thanksgiving dinner.

First, D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) told the rest of the family, "We miss Michelle. We hope she'll be with us next year." Then Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) looked into the camera, addressing the Olsen twins who probably will never watch this, and said, "Come, it'll be fun!"

Series creator Jeff Franklin told TVLine that Jesse's line was their way of communicating with the Olsen twins. "We just talk to them through the show. What [Jesse] said was how we all feel. We'd still love to see them come back. Who knows if that'll ever happen, but we're all still hopeful."

They wouldn't need both twins at this point, just one. Or they could recast the role. Or just make it an annual thing to call out how Michelle Tanner always blows off the family. 'Cause maybe she just can't stand them and wants to be left alone? Has anyone considered this? They can be a bit much. Or maybe she's waiting for her own darker, edgier Netflix spinoff closer to "Jessica Jones" than "Fuller House."

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