That sound you heard after Don Cheadle, Laura Dern, and Anna Kendrick read out the names of this year's Golden Globes nominees this morning? That was the inevitable head-scratching over the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's sometimes on-point -- but usually baffling -- picks for the year's best in film and TV.

Here are five of their choices that knocked us out of our chairs.

1. A Deafening "Silence"

Two films that almost everyone was sure were going to be nominated for Best Drama were awards-season favorite Martin Scorsese's epic "Silence" and "Fences," the latter directed by Denzel Washington. He and VIola Davis did get nominated for acting in "Fences," but that was it for the prestigious Broadway-bred drama.

Still, that's more than the silent treatment the Globe voters gave to "Silence." In their places: World War II drama "Hacksaw Ridge" -- which also earned nods for star Andrew Garfield and director Mel Gibson, to whom the foreign reporters of the HFPA have always been kinder than their American counterparts -- and rural new-noir "Hell or High Water." Both are acclaimed movies but were considered long-shots in this race. By the way, Garfield also stars in "Silence," so for Scorsese, the actor's nomination for Gibson's film over his probably adds insult to injury.

2. "Deadpool"

It was a pleasant surprise to see the satirical superhero movie nominated in the comedy categories for Best Film and Best Actor (Ryan Reynolds), both because it came out way back in February and because, well, it's a superhero movie.

The genre tends to get no love at awards time, but then again, the movie itself blew a raspberry at the genre, so maybe the filmmakers and the Globe voters were on the same page. Also, a worldwide gross of $783 million is hard to ignore; clearly, "Deadpool" was a favorite in many countries whose reporters are HFPA members.

3. Jon Snow, Killed Again

Yes, we live in a golden age of television where there's a glut of great shows on broadcast, cable, and now streaming, but that also means there were too many snubs in the TV categories to count. No Stranger Things?" No Westworld"? Nothing, not even a cup of coffee, for the "Gilmore Girls" revival?

Still, the one that hurts the most is Game of Thrones" actor flippin' RETURNED FROM THE DEAD for your entertainment, then delivered his most dramatic season ever, culminating in the epic "Battle of the Bastards." Plus, he spent more than a year off-screen fooling the world into thinking he wasn't coming back. If that's not award-worthy acting, what is?

4. Issa Rae

The Globe voters pride themselves on being ahead of the pack when it comes to discovering new TV talent, since the calendar gives them an eight-month head start over the Emmys. They especially like anointing new comedy ingenues. After crowning Jane the Virgin") two years ago and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend") last year, it's now Rae's turn for her delightful turn as a muddling single gal on HBO's "Insecure."

5. "Finding Dory" Denied

Granted, the Best Animated Feature category already has two deserving Disney movies in it, "Zootopia" and "Moana." Still, the slot everyone expected would go to the fish-tale favorite went instead to something called "My Life as a Zucchini."

For the record, it's a stop-motion film about an orphaned boy, submitted by Switzerland this year as the country's entry into the Oscars' Best Foreign Language Film pool. It wowed 'me last May at Cannes. Still, fans of what is (so far) the biggest hit of 2016 have to wonder if there isn't something fishy about this selection.