In this day and age of seemingly endless reboots and revivals of beloved series, anything is fair game for a return. So why not goofy hospital sitcom "Scrubs"?

Count star Zach Braff in as one who wants to see it happen. The onetime Dr. John "J.D." Dorian touched on the possibility during a recent Twitter Q&A with IMDb promoting his latest directorial effort, "Going in Style." When a fan asked if the star ever considered making more "Scrubs," the writer-director offered a hopeful response.

"You never know about making more 'Scrubs' episodes," Braff said in a video reply. He continued:

"It's something we all talk about, especially now that all these people are going back and doing Netflix versions of their shows. I am very jealous of all this 'Gilmore Girls' attention, and 'Full House.' We talk about it every now and then. So you never know, it could happen. I'd do it."

Knowing that discussions about a "Scrubs" revival have been ongoing (most likely with series creator and Braff's close friend Bill Lawrence) certainly makes us optimistic, as does the star's firm commitment to appearing in it, if it ever does materialize. And Braff's reference of Netflix revival series "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life"is also telling, since the original "Scrubs" is a staple of the online streaming service's offerings, just like "Gilmore" was. Could the sitcom's current popularity on Netflix inspire a similar revival?

We'll have to wait and see. As Braff himself later noted on Twitter, his remarks don't really make anything official, since it's just him talking about wanting to do it, not announcing or confirming an actual deal.

Keep your fingers crossed, "Scrubs" fans, and stay tuned.

[via: Zach Braff]