Viola Davis delivers one of her most powerful film performances in "Fences" as '50s housewife Rose Maxson, reprising the role that earned her a Tony Award.

Moviefone sat down with the actress to talk about reuniting with Broadway costar Denzel Washington (who also directs). Washington plays Troy Maxson, a former promising baseball player who now works as a garbageman and Davis plays his no-nonsense wife, Rose.

The "How to Get Away With Murder" star says bringing August Wilson's award-winning play from stage to screen resulted in an "even deeper, more vulnerable" performance, including some dramatic scenes that are sure to net her her third Oscar nomination.

"There is still no difference in the essence of what we did," she says. "August didn't write small. You can't play that small. You've got to play it for what it is. You can't rein it in. You can't even control it. It's a fiery tornado that needs to be played out."

It's a role she says she never tired of. "It's a love affair that can last for 25 years. You never fall out of love with it. The characters are so rich."

"Fences," which costars Mykelti Williamson and Russell Hornsby, is in limited release now, and opens December 25th everywhere."Fences" New York Screening - Arrivals