At a loss for what to watch this week? From new TV, we've got you covered.

TV Worth Watching

"Sherlock" Season 4 (Sunday on PBS at 9 p.m.)

In Season 4, Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) will face his most challenging opponents yet: a baby and a dog. Here's PBS's synopsis for the 1.5-hour opener, "The Six Thatchers": "In the Season 4 premiere, Holmes is back on British soil; and Watson (Martin Freeman) and Mary (Amanda Abbington) face a monumental challenge: parenthood." This season -- featuring Toby Jones as the new villain -- is meant to be brutal but very funny, and the cast/crew's favorite to date.

"The Mick" (Sunday on Fox at 8 p.m.)

In Fox's new comedy, Kaitlin Olson of the endlessly hilarious "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" stars as Mackenzie, aka Mickey, a hard-partying opportunist who signs on to raise her sister's three spoiled kids in a rich Connecticut neighborhood when the parents flee the country to escape federal charges. So it's like if Teresa and Joe Giudice had fled the country and left a relative to raise their kids.

"Project Runway: Junior" (Thursday on Lifetime at 9 p.m.)

The second season of this charming PR spinoff premiered after the "Project Runway" Season 15 finale on Dec. 22, but this is the timeslot premiere, giving you another chance to get to know the young designers -- who are always better behaved and more mature than their adult counterparts.

New on DVD and Blu-ray

"American Honey"

Andrea Arnold's largely improvised portrait of American millennial vagabonds -- who party their way across the country -- won the 2016 Cannes Jury Prize and the hearts of most critics. Sasha Lane stars in a breakout role, alongside Shia LaBeouf and Riley Keough, and you can watch their film on Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday, December 27. The Blu-ray includes a bonus featurette with Sasha Lane and Riley Keough talking about the filmmaking process. Check out this exclusive clip of the actresses discussing the challenges of working without a script:"Snowden"

Hero? Traitor? Something in between? Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone's biodrama on the controversial real-life whistleblower. Watch the movie on DVD, Blu-ray, and On Demand Dec. 27. Bonus features include deleted scenes, a behind-the-scenes featurette, and an interview with the real Edward Snowden himself.

"The Dressmaker"

Kate Winslet plays a glamorous, worldly dressmaker who returns to her small Australian hometown to seek the truth behind her notorious reputation. The dark and quirky comedy co-stars Judy Davis, Hugo Weaving, and Liam Hemsworth, and you can watch it on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD Dec. 27. Bonus features include two featurettes, "The Story" and "Designing The Dressmaker."

New on Netflix

This week marks the start of a new month -- barely, but still -- and you know what that means. A bunch of new titles are arriving on Netflix, and even more are leaving.Here's a list of movies available for streaming on Netflix starting Sunday, January 1, including five Superman titles just begging for a New Year's Day binge marathon:

  • "Around the World in 80 Days" (2004)

  • "Bee Movie" (2007)

  • "Boogie Nights" (1997)

  • "Braveheart" (1995)

  • "Caddyshack" (1980)

  • "Collateral Damage" (2002)

  • "Dreamcatcher" (2002)

  • "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" (1982)

  • "El Dorado" (1967)

  • "HALO Legend" (2010)

  • "Hugo" (2011)

  • "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" (2011)

  • "License to Drive" (1988)

  • "Nancy Drew" (2007)

  • "Ocean's Twelve" (2004)

  • "The Parent Trap" (1961)

  • "The Shining" (1980)

  • "V for Vendetta" (2005)

  • "Vanilla Sky" (2001)

  • "Superman: The Movie" (1978)

  • "Superman II" (1980)

  • "Superman III" (1983)

  • "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace" (1987)

  • "Superman Returns" (2006)

New Video on Demand, Rental Streaming, and Digital

"Close to the Enemy" (Acorn TV)

The season finale to this thrilling Acorn TV drama will be available for streaming Dec. 26 on Acorn.TV. Now is a good time to get caught up on the miniseries, which is set in a bomb-damaged London hotel in the aftermath of WWII. Intelligence officer Callum Ferguson (Jim Sturgess) must complete his last task for the British Army: convince captured German scientist Dieter Koehler (August Diehl) to work with the British government. The ensemble cast includes Alfie Allen, Alfred Molina, Angela Bassett, Lindsay Duncan, Freddie Highmore, and Charlotte Riley.

New on HBO NOW

Most people will have January 1st off, since it's a Sunday as well as a holiday, but your workplace may also give you Monday, Jan. 2 off. If that's the case, consider your many binge-watch and streaming options. There's the Netflix stuff above, and Amazon stuff below, but also these titles from HBO. You can watch them On Demand or stream them through the standalone streaming service HBO NOW. Here's what's arriving as of Jan. 1:

  • Above the Law, 1988

  • Baby Mama, 2008

  • Beautiful Creatures, 2013

  • The Big Lebowski, 1998

  • The Blues Brothers, 1980

  • Blues Brothers 2000, 1997

  • Bringing out the Dead, 1999

  • The Cell, 2000

  • Cloud Atlas, 2012

  • Cold Mountain, 2003

  • Dallas Buyers Club, 2013

  • Dr. Suess' Horton Hears a Who!, 2008

  • Evil Dead 2, 1987

  • Fool's Gold, 2008

  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall, 2008

  • Friday, 1995

  • The Happening, 2008

  • Innerspace, 1987

  • Lady in the Water, 2006

  • Lost & Found, 1999

  • Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015

  • My Cousin Vinny, 1992

  • Risky Business, 1983

  • The Road Warrior, 1982

  • The Sixth Sense, 1999

  • Steel (Shaq), 1997

  • Unbreakable, 2000

  • The Village, 2004

New on Amazon Prime

And now here's what's available for streaming on Amazon Prime as of Jan. 1 (keeping in mind that more titles will be added throughout the month):

  • Blood Diamond

  • 13 Hours: Secret soldiers of Benghazi

  • Across the Universe

  • Happy Feet

  • Rent

  • Hellboy

  • Radio

  • Stardust 2007

  • American History X

  • Norm of the North

  • Are We There Yet

  • Are We Done Yet

  • Maid in Manhattan

Happy multiple holidays!

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