74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsYou can't sit with the cool kids, Sly. Just take your lunch and eat it in the bathroom stall.

Sylvester Stallone's daughters were Miss Golden Globes at Sunday's 2017 Golden Globe Awards, and maybe he should've just gone up on stage to stand with them, 'cause he did not have a seat. Or his wife did not have a seat. Apparently there was some kind of seating mixup at his assigned table, which was with the "Manchester by the Sea" crowd -- star Casey Affleck, film producer Matt Damon, and writer/director Kenneth Lonergan.

Turns out, there was only one seat left at the table, so Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flavin were left in an awkward position. When Casey Affleck later tried to apologize over the confusion -- even though he wasn't exactly in charge of seating arrangements, so it wasn't his fault -- Stallone reportedly told him off.

Full diva!

A source told People that, when the seating mistake first became clear, no one made an effort to accommodate the Stallones, "who grew frustrated and seemingly embarrassed, and eventually retreated to the green room backstage. The couple would not return to the table and watched the show from backstage instead." A second source confirmed "confusion" over seating but said there was no ill will toward Stallone from Affleck, Damon, or anyone else. (What were the actors supposed to do? It would've been kind to help them find another seat, but it's not like Sly Stallone is some kind of shrinking violet who can't solve his own problems.)

People was told that an additional chair was brought to the table, and seats facing the stage were freed up. But by that point Stallone had taken his ball and gone home, or at least to the green room.

74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press RoomAfter Affleck won his Golden Globe, he crossed paths with Stallone in the green room and reportedly tried to apologize for the seating issue. Stallone was reportedly "not receptive," which is rude, since it's not like it's Casey Affleck's fault. If anyone had a right to be at the table, it's the guy who was nominated and then won.

A Globes insider shared more details with Page Six:

"This wasn't the fault of anyone from 'Manchester by the Sea.' Stallone and his wife came to the table late, as the show was starting, and when they got there, there was only one seat available. It was a mix-up by the organizers, as the 'Manchester by the Sea' group were all in their proper seats and didn't take one of Stallone's seats. Stallone immediately went backstage to watch as Jimmy Fallon started his opening. But when the first break came, a production worker for the show brought out an extra chair to make room for Stallone and his wife. They had the best two seats facing the stage."

But he didn't want the seats by then. A second source told Page Six that Casey Affleck was mortified about the Stallone seating mix-up, and when he tried to smooth things over backstage, Rocky told him, "Get out of my face."

Stallone's rep had this to say to People: "The story you refer to is an interesting rumor – but a rumor nonetheless. Sylvester Stallone had a wonderful evening attending and presenting at the Golden Globes and celebrating with his family and friends."

Moral of the story: One should always show up to events on time, especially live events that will not accommodate the fashionably late, so any issues can be resolved before it's too late. Second moral: If an issue does arise, don't be a diva about it.

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