Good news and bad news, "Porlandia" fans: The IFC sketch comedy show has been renewed for its eighth season, but the series is set to conclude in 2018.

Jennifer Caserta, president and general manager of IFC, announced during a TCA panel on Saturday that the upcoming Season 8 would be the series' last, Variety reports. Stars Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen were also present, along with their co-creator Jonathan Krisel. Interestingly, based on their comments, the decision didn't necessarily sound like one everyone was excited about.

"I think we barely decided to do that," Krisel said of ending the show. "It seems scary to say it's over."

He also added that "there are other outlets," possibly indicating that "Portlandia" could continue elsewhere in the future. Brownstein seemed to hint at as much as well.

"I think nothing ever really ends anyway," she said.

Armisen, however, discussed the decision in more final terms.

"For us, it seemed like a way to figure out a way to have a beginning, a middle and an ending," he said.

"Portlandia" made its debut in 2011 and is currently in the midst of its seventh season. Over the years, the comedy has made light of Portland, Oregon's quirks. Brownstein and Armisen have played various roles, often joined by famous guest stars; the series has featured appearances by Olivia Wilde, Selma Blair, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, and many more.

With the show ending, we'll need a new way to get our Portland-centric humor fix. Excuse us as we go cry over a cup of fair trade, ethical coffee.

[via: Variety]