If the afterlife exists, would you want to get there as soon as possible?

That's the central dilemma of "The Discovery," which will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and has already been acquired by Netflix. The first trailer doesn't give much away about the plot — it's more of a mood piece set to a haunting rendition of Roy Orbison's "Only the Lonely" and featuring windswept, grey vistas.

In the movie, the afterlife has been scientifically proven, which leads people to start committing suicide to get there. Robert Redford plays the scientist who made the discovery, Jason Segel is his son, and Rooney Mara is a woman with a troubled past that Segel falls for.

The tone and subject seem in line with "The One I Love," another offbeat, somewhat dark sci-fi romance directed by Charlie McDowell.

"The Discovery" begins streaming March 31 on Netflix.

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