2017 Sundance Film FestivalThe glitz and glamour of Hollywood doesn't make actors immune to scary and unlucky experiences.

Woody Harrelson recently shared his story of being robbed at gunpoint while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at the Sundance Film Festival. He described the experience as "really an uncomfortable night."

Um, that might be an understatement.

As Harrelson tells it, he was 23 years old and had just landed his "Cheers" role. To celebrate, he had bought himself a new Porsche. (As one does, right?) On his way out to his car one night, a man stopped him.

"A guy came up and robbed me," he told THR. "Put a gun to my head."

He said the robber took his money and also demanded his car keys. Harrelson struggled to find them -- presumably because he was terrified -- and actually thought he was going to die. He lucked out, though; someone else came into the parking garage, prompting the man to take off and leave him unscathed.

All in all, it sounds awful. Fortunately, he was safe and got to go on and make us laugh as Woody Boyd and many other wonderful characters.

[via: THR]