aaron paul, the price is right, james corden, drew carey, showcase showdownIt's always a bummer when a "Price Is Right" contestant loses the Showcase Showdown with an over-bid, and that was especially true for actor Breaking Bad" fame days, was just a babyfaced kid when he over-bid his sportscar showcase by a measly $132. Naturally, the actor thought it was time for some redemption.

In a bit for "The Late Late Show," Paul and host James Corden broke into the "Price Is Right" studios to try to get Paul a re-do, recreating his previous appearance down to Paul's excited fist pumps, screams, and air kicks as he is called down to contestants' row. Paul, by virtue of being the only actual contestant in the studio, easily makes it up onto the stage, where Corden invites him to spin the wheel to make it into the Showcase.

The pair get a begrudging assist from "Price" host Drew Carey, who seems none too pleased that the duo has invaded the set, but decides to run the Showdown anyway. We won't spoil exactly what happens for you, but it involves the same car -- and we mean the exact same car -- that Paul over-bid on the first time around, and some creative calculations on Corden's part.

At least Paul can take solace in the fact that he's a famous, award-winning actor. That's gotta be worth more than a sportscar, right?