'Short program'- 2017 Sundance Film FestivalYou have to be multi-talented to host "Saturday Night Live."

Preparing for the gig forced Kristen Stewart to practice her singing skills with "SNL" cast member Beck Bennett. In a new promo for her Feb. 4 episode, the actress watches as Bennett performs a song for her, and then she attempts to return the favor with an impromptu song about him. With the only lyric being "Beck," it gets a little awkward.

Let's be real: It's not Stewart's best musical performance. She did much better while playing Joan Jett in the 2010 film "The Runaways," for example. Still, it's a cute promo, even with its fedora shortage. She'll have a chance to really wow us with the live episode.

The real musical entertainment of the night will be handled by Alessia Cara, but watch Stewart and Bennett take a crack at it below.

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