mean tweets, jimmy kimmel live, nfl, super bowl liJimmy Kimmel has rolled out the latest version of his perennially popular -- and consistently hilarious -- Mean Tweets series, this time featuring a bunch of NFL stars reading a bunch of terrible Twitter comments about themselves.

The segment, timed to this weekend's Super Bowl LI matchup, features superstar football players like Odell Beckham Jr., J.J. Watt, and Russell Wilson each taking themselves down a peg, with predictably humorous results. Some of the burns were particularly funny -- and oddly specific. Watt reportedly "looks like a fat Macklemore," while Von Miller allegedly resembles "an 80-year-old man from 1974," whatever that means.

One tweet snarked about Maurice Jones Drew's weight -- while the former player was holding a plate of snacks. (We're going to assume the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" crew may have had something to do with that coincidence.) And of course, another user got in a good dig about Rob Gronkowski's intelligence (or lack thereof).

Some athletes seem to handle the criticisms better than others (one tweeter wrote that "Tony Romo sits down to pee"; "Well, what other way is there to pee?" Romo responded), but it seemed that mostly everyone took the comments in stride. After all, it's probably pretty hard to care what some random Twitter user thinks about you when you're a famous athlete making millions of dollars per year. (But that shouldn't stop couch surfers from trying -- we'd to see Mean Tweets continue forever.)