'Split' New York Premiere - Arrivals"Split" is destroying expectations at the box office, and M. Night Shyamalan is "humbled and grateful" about the response. The James McAvoy horror film, written and directed by Shyamalan, just topped the box office for its third weekend in a row. The idea of a "Split" follow-up film makes sense, and not just because this movie is making so much cash. So fans were happy to see these tweets from Shyamalan about his "next film":

What's next? No spoilers here, but plenty of spoilers here if you want to discuss "Split" and what exactly this next film might entail.

"Split" only cost about $9-$10 million to make, and worldwide it has earned more than $142 million so far. TheWrap reports that "Split" is Shyamalan's second film to top the box office for three consecutive weeks since 1999's "The Sixth Sense." It's never a bad thing to be compared to your first big hit, so no wonder M. Night feels "humbled and grateful." Now he just has to live up to his own potential.

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