2017 NBCUniversal Winter Press Tour - Day 2 - ArrivalsImagine sitting down at the end of the day to watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show -- and having the stars of said TV show appear on your doorstep. That's what happened to one lucky man enjoying an installment of "This Is Us," when actor Milo Ventimiglia dropped by to say hello.

The actor shared the surprising encounter on his Twitter account, explaining that he and a few other members of the "This Is Us" cast -- including the three kids who play the Pearson children as teenagers -- were shooting a scene in a Los Angeles neighborhood when they noticed that someone in the next house over was actually watching the series at the same time. Naturally, Ventimiglia decided to stride up to the front door to introduce himself and point out the coincidence.

"We're filming next door, and we happened to notice what you're watching right now," the actor told the surprised homeowner who answered his knock. "You're watching us!"

"Yes, I'm watching you," the man -- who introduced himself as Fred -- replied, laughing.

Ventimiglia and the teen actors all posed for photos with Fred, who seemed absolutely delighted -- and no doubt bewildered -- by the surreal encounter. Ventimiglia added in a follow-up tweet, "Our crew was as surprised & excited as Fred was."

So take note, L.A. area "This Is Us" fans: The next time you hear a knock while watching the show, you could see Jack Pearson on your doorstep.

[via: Milo Ventimiglia/Twitter]