The Build Series Presents Ang Lee, Joe Alwyn, Steve Martin, Kristen Stewart & Chris Tucker, 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk'Steve Martin wants to teach you how to be funny. The star of "The Jerk" will teach a MasterClass in comedy this spring, alongside such offerings as Christina Aguilera showing you how to sing and Shonda Rhimes instructing you in the art of writing for television.

In the trailer for his class, Martin advises that students should be more concerned with "how to be good" than lining up an agent and headshots. And a big Martin no-no: Beginning your stand-up set by asking, "How we doing tonight?"

He admits, "I never actually thought I was funny. You may think you have no talent. I guarantee you, I had no talent. None."

The classes, which are taught via 25 videos, will set you back $90. You can pre-enroll now.Martin was presented with an Honorary Oscar in 2013. His most recent film was "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk."