Rough NightWhat happens in Miami, stays in Miami? Scarlett Johansson certainly hopes so, in the new red-band trailer for "Rough Night."

The movie has shades of "The Hangover," as Johansson's bride-to-be and four besties hit Miami for a bachelorette party. As one friend excitedly screams, "There's going to be so many hot Miami babes, we're going to be swimming in d---, girl!"

They hit the clubs, down shots, snort cocaine, and hire a stripper. But things go terribly awry when the stripper ends up dead, and the bachelorette party soon turns into an episode of "How to Get Away With (Accidental) Murder."The script is from two "Broad City" writers, and the movie features series star Ilana Glazer as one of the BFFs (Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, and Zoe Kravitz play the others), which is recommendation enough for us!

"Rough Night" (previously titled "Rock That Body") opens in theaters June 16.

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Rough Night Movie Poster
Rough Night
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