"Saturday Night Live" for the fifth time on March 11, and she was showcased in a couple of Trump-related sketches. The best bit had Johansson play Ivanka Trump in an ad for the new fragrance, "Complicit," which came with its own cologne version for Ivanka's husband, Jared Kushner:

Sorry, girl, you're ... Billy Zane.

Brings back memories of that old "Red Flag" perfume ad. 'Memba that one? Johansson also played the owner of an adorable talking dog, who shocked everyone by turning out to be a Trump supporter: She also interviewed a zoo photographer mislabeled as a zoo pornographer: She joined other "actors" to film reaction shots for a bizarre Olive Garden ad: And here she is as a rival ninja opposite Leslie Jones: Sadly, she wasn't in the cold open, which did feature Alec Baldwin returning as Trump: But apparently she is "complicit" in what happened.

Louis C.K. was announced to host "SNL" on April 8, with The Chainsmokers as musical guests.

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