"Power Rangers" may be new, but many of the franchise's fans aren't.

When the reboot opened over the weekend, it wasn't Generation Z that drove tickets sales; instead, comScore data shows that millennials accounted for by far the largest percentage, THR reports.

The superhero flick might center on a group of teens, but that didn't stop the 18 to 34 crowd from turning out. It seems they were eager to see more of the warriors they grew up watching. PostTrak, comScore's polling service, found that millennials made up 73 percent of "Power Rangers" ticket buyers. Specifically, 34 percent of moviegoers were 18 to 24 years old, while 39 percent of the audience fit in the 25 to 34 crowd.

With the might of its millennial fans, "Power Rangers" easily beat box offices estimates. The reboot pulled in $40.5 million in North America compared to a projected $30 million. Not even the popularity of "Beauty and the Beast" could keep the movie down.

Nostalgia is clearly a powerful force.

[via: THR]