It's early days for Joss Whedon and his Batgirl movie for DC, but if you're an up-and-coming actress, you may want to go to superheroic lengths to get the director's attention.

Whedon talked to USA Today at the premiere of Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," and it sounds like he's not interested in casting an existing star for the role. He wants to create a new star through the role.

"What I'm looking for in a Batgirl is probably somebody new. Somebody who is willing to go the distance. It is going to be hard. I want somebody who's going to get in the trenches with me."

Whedon said something similar to Variety, confirming he doesn't have his eye on anybody at this point, but "I doubt it'll be a name":

He said he's not against movie stars, but the name "Batgirl" carries a lot of weight on its own, so it's not critical to get a big name, it's just critical to find exactly the right Batgirl.

Whedon is reportedly writing and directing his Batgirl based on the Barbara Gordon of DC Comics's "New 52" re-launch, showing the Gotham girl haunted by her attack from the Joker.

"I know what she looks like in the comic books," Whedon continued to USA Today. "We'll deviate if the right person is different. We haven't even begun the conversation, but it's about the spirit she exudes, not exactly what she looks like."

USA Today suggested "Batman & Robin" star Alicia Silverstone in a cameo. Whedon replied, "It hasn't crossed my mind. I'm not against it, but I'm not looking for Easter eggs – I'm still trying to write a movie!" If he's looking for a completely fresh start -- as opposed to the more established stars cast in other major DCEU roles -- then maybe he won't want fans to be distracted by Easter egg nods to the past. We'll see.

The Batgirl movie, still untitled at this point, is expected to also feature other characters from Gotham. No word yet on when shooting might start or its release date.

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