"Girl Meets World" won't be revived anytime soon.

Creator Michael Jacobs confirmed on Twitter that the sitcom is officially dead. It was canceled by the Disney Channel in January after three seasons. But a huge fan outcry stoked hopes that the show might get picked up by Netflix, Hulu, or another streaming outlet. Unfortunately, Jacobs said those hopes were in vain.

"Girl Meets World" was a sequel to the original "Boy Meets World" series. It focused on Riley, Corey and Topanga's precocious teen daughter, as she navigated middle school and high school.

The show played up the nostalgia factor with the inclusion of Corey and Topanga, as well as appearances by Shawn and Mr. Feeny. It debuted to 5.2 million viewers, but ratings dropped off in later seasons and the story did not appeal as much to Disney Channel's kid audience as the network's other shows did.

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With the help of her family and her best friend Maya, Riley Matthews survives her teen years in Manhattan. Read More

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