The countdown to "Wonder Woman" hitting theaters is still not close enough to zero to suit eager fans, but in the meantime, Warner Bros. has unveiled one last trailer teasing the exciting action to come.

The preview, released Sunday, shows Diana (Gal Gadot), a warrior princess of the Amazons, on a mission to win a war against a dangerous threat. Although she is advised to be careful of mankind, she clearly doesn't heed the warning. She joins American Army pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) in the outside world, which leads to some interesting culture shock for Diana.

"How can a woman fight in this?" she asks in the trailer, after changing into an outfit a local woman would wear.

We see her make do, but it doesn't always look easy. At one point, for example, she dons an evening gown, and it utterly fails to conceal her sword. Alas, they just don't design couture for warriors.

Still, the trailer shows plenty of butt-kicking, so Wonder Woman won't be slowed down -- watch below."Wonder Woman" opens June 2.