Sense8 Season 2"Sense8" fans were blindsided when Netflix canceled the series after two seasons. Sensates rallied, reaching out to Netflix to beg that the show be renewed, or at least wrapped up with a movie, or a special -- anything to provide some kind of closure.

The "Sense8" cancellation was announced on June 1, but Netflix just responded last night, in a Facebook note that reads like a Dear John letter:

Fans were NOT happy with that, blasting some of the other series Netflix has renewed while rejecting this one.

Brian J. Smith, who played Will Gorski, posted his own response, revealing that -- as far as he had been told -- there was no conspiracy at work in the show's cancellation, it was purely about "viewership." Sometimes very passionate fan bases aren't enough, because there just aren't enough fans.

Here's part of his post:

"I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank all of you for the love and support and fight you've put up the last week or so. In the wake of such bad news it was heartening to know that what Sense8 stood for meant so much to so many people.

And since you've been so extraordinarily passionate I feel it's only fair that you get more than lip service or a silly tweet from me.

Guys, there are no secrets here. I've been given the same reason for the cancelation that you have: viewership. As far as I'm aware there is no shady court intrigue that contributed to Netflix's decision, and I know that a lot of very smart people had to reach a consensus in order to pull the plug on a show that they had already invested an insane amount of capital in, even if that meant the story would never get an ending. I think the saddest part of finishing a show this way is knowing that future audiences will never pick up a story they know has no resolution. It's seems like such a waste.

[...] Please know that the fight you all put up in trying to save something that you loved will forever be the "final season" of Sense8. YOU have given the show the ending it deserved. Even if that fight didn't have a happy ending, it meant something. Don't ever forget that. [...]"

Some fans still hope that another streaming site will pick up "Sense8," but if "viewership" really was the main issue, cost will be part of that issue. So how much is it worth to you to get your closure?

[via: EW]

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