Thanks to Day Aykroyd and For the Win Project, an eight-year-old boy obsessed with "Ghostbusters" was able to be a Ghostbuster for the day.

Braeden Rios, who suffers from the chronic respiratory disease bronchomalacia, and his family were flown from their home town in Iowa to Los Angeles for the big day. On the Sony lot, Braeden suited up in his own pint-sized Ghostbusters suit and photon pack. He then received a call to action from Ray Stanz himself (Aykroyd) to save Hollywood from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

There was also a video greeting from Ivan Reitman (who directed the 1984 original film) and Paul Feig (director of the 2016 remake).

Sony supplied some real props (and that awesome Ghostbusters car) for the shoot. And For the Win created an awesome poster with Braeden facing down the Marshmallow Man. The movie is rated "B" for "Bustin'," because "Bustin' ghosts makes Braeden feel good and he's mighty good at it."

The organization has also helped kids become Wonder Woman, "Super Juan," the Hulk and "Elihuverine." Find out more at their site: For the Win Project.

[Via i09]