Welcome back to Grey Sloan, or at least what's left of it! "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 starts filming this week, and one of the stars recently worked fans into a tizzy with a Jolex tease.

Camilla Luddington plays ... guess we'll still call her Dr. Jo Wilson, even if that's just her hiding-from-husband name. One fan even asked if we'll have to change the Jolex ship name -- for Jo and Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) -- since Jo is not her real name. She answered that question, and some other Qs, in a brief chat with fans.

Luddington also revealed, last week in a birthday tweet to co-star Justin Chambers, that the Season 14 team should be returning to set this week:

Here's another production tweet:

At this point, there's no official premiere date for Season 14, beyond September on ABC, but more intel should be coming soon. Here's what Camilla Luddington had teased about Jolex a few weeks ago:

One fan replied, "THAT GIF HAS ME F*CKED UP. I MISS JOLEX." Luddington replied:

Another fan asked which part was unscripted, the action or part of the dialogue? Here's the answer:

Another asked how many unscripted moments make it to screen.

One fan threw a curve ball to announce "we low-key ship Nathan and Amelia together #Namelia" attempting to pair Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) and Amelia Shepard (Caterina Scorsone). Luddington didn't seem totally on board with that idea:

Yeah, we're thinking Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) won't be into that either.

Here's what she told the fan who asked if Alex and Jo's ship name will change:

Another fan asked her how it feels to be back on set as a new mom. Luddington replied:

And another fan asked if she had met up with Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) so far during hiatus. The reply:

We should be getting more details on Season 14 pretty soon. Season 13 is coming to DVD on August 29, including bloopers, deleted scenes, and more.

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