Fans of "The Originals" won't say goodbye quietly.

In the wake of show creator Julie Plec's announcement that the show's fifth season would be its final one, the series' loyal followers have been busy tweeting their demands for its conclusion. After sticking with "The Originals" for four seasons so far -- not to mention eight seasons of its predecessor, "The Vampire Diaries" -- many feel entitled to at least some say in its outcome. And they are not being shy about telling Plec what they "deserve."

Their requests vary, but some popular ones are a 22-episode season, happy endings for their favorite ships, and generally for her not to make a "mess" of it. We wish her luck with that -- there are some strong opinions out there.

The Klaroline camp was particularly loud, and they should be feeling good considering that Caroline (Candice King) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will see each other again when she appears in the Season 5 premiere.

Other fans haven't gotten over the death of Camille (Leah Pipes), and they want to see Klaus reunited with her -- dead or alive.

Meanwhile, people are pulling for other couples, too, such as Kolvina and Haylijah.

And "Vampire Diaries" devotees aren't missing the chance to lobby for more Delena or Stelena.

However, some are more concerned with episode count than romances.

And again, some people just want to make sure this doesn't suck.

There's no way Plec is going to be able to please everyone in this crowd, even if she wanted to.

[via: Twitter]