killing gunther, arnold SchwarzeneggerLast August, former "Saturday Night Live" star Taran Killam was suddenly let go from the sketch comedy series after six seasons. But Killam took that time off to regroup and work on some new projects, including his feature directorial debut, the action comedy "Killing Gunther," which stars none other than action legend Arnold Schwarzenegger in the titular role.

The flick's first trailer has finally dropped, and based on the clip, it appears Killam's unexpected unemployment didn't diminish his comedic talent: The movie -- which centers around an international group of assassins trying to take out the title hitman -- looks absolutely hilarious.

Killam, who also wrote the film, stars as Blake, the ringleader trying to eliminate Gunther (Schwarzenegger), who's considered the best and most feared hitman on the planet. He's also a total show-off, and that doesn't sit well with Blake and his fellow assassins, who conspire to end his reign. Unfortunately for them, Gunther is seemingly untouchable, easily evading them at every turn -- and laughing about it later.

"They are going to get terminated, that I can tell you," Gunther promises at one point, a wink to another high-octane role from Schwarzenegger's past.

Considering how rag-tag their team is -- which includes an explosives expert (Bobby Moynihan), a sharpshooter (Hannah Simone), a part-cyborg (Amir Talai), and twin Russian assassins (Allison Tolman and Ryan Gaul) -- it doesn't sound like Gunther is entirely wrong.

"Killing Gunther" premieres on VOD on September 22, and will make a limited run in theaters beginning on October 20.