Netflix's upcoming update of classic kids series "The Magic School Bus" just dropped a new trailer, and while there's plenty of fun featured, it's the show's new theme song -- and who's singing it, in particular -- that's really gotten our attention.

The clip, released by Netflix on its social media accounts on Tuesday, is chock full of the kind of adventures that fans of the original show should be familiar with, like exploring inside the human body, diving deep into the ocean, and surfing on lava. Ya know, typical field trip stuff. Now, however, there's a new Ms. Frizzle in town (voiced by "Saturday Night Live" star Kate McKinnon), the younger sister of the now-Professor Frizzle (voiced by returning original "Magic School Bus" star Lily Tomlin), who's taking over the quirky teacher's classroom, and custody of the titular vehicle.

Naturally, a new theme song was in order for the new show, and who better than Lin-Manuel Miranda, everyone's favorite "Hamilton" creator, to tackle the tune? After hearing the updated song, it's hard to imagine anyone else belting out, "Take a left at your intestine, take your second right past Mars."

The first season of "The Magic School Bus: Rides Again" debuts on Netflix on September 29.

[via: Netflix/Twitter]