It's a whole new world, and Will Smith is excited to be in it!

The actor shared the first photo of the cast of Disney's live-action remake of "Aladdin." In the pic, Smith, who plays the Genie (voiced by Robin Williams in the 1992 animated movie), takes a selfie with co-stars Mena Massoud (Aladdin), Naomi Scott (Princess Jasmine), and Marwan Kenzari (Jafar).

Not depicted is Billy Magnussen, who just joined the cast in the newly-created role of Prince Anders.

Director Guy Ritchie recently began filming in London. The movie will feature new recordings of the beloved music from the original, as well as two new songs.

Other cast members include Navid Negahban as the Sultan; Nasim Pedrad as Dalia, Princess Jasmine's hand maiden; and Numan Acar as Hakim, palace guardsman.

"Aladdin" does not yet have a release date. It is one of the many animated properties Disney is converting into live-action. "Lion King" and "Mulan" are expected to be up next.