Entertainment Weekly's Annual Comic-Con Party 2017 - ArrivalsRiverdale," was reportedly involved in a car crash last week after leaving the show's Vancouver set. While the 20-year-old actor escaped serious injury, the circumstances that led to the incident have allegedly caused an uproar among the show's cast and crew.

That's the scoop in a new story from The Hollywood Reporter, which says that Apa apparently fell asleep at the wheel the night of the accident, striking a light pole and totaling his vehicle. He was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, and released shortly afterward.

According to THR, Apa was leaving the "Riverdale" set after midnight, making the 45-minute drive back to his hotel after working for 16 hours straight. Such long, demanding days are not uncommon, according to one anonymous insider who spoke with the trade.

"They're working these kids from morning until night," the source told THR. "Someone's going to die."

The cast's biggest issue with the incident, according to the trade, is that Warner Bros. Television does not offer transport for the actors and crew members to and from set, even when they're required to work late hours (which is often the case on the hit series). A source from WBTV, however, told THR that the studio does offer to compensate actors for taxi rides or hotel stays nearby if they deem it unsafe to drive.

Apa's co-star and close friend, Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead on "Riverdale," has reportedly spearheaded a movement on set to demand that transport be provided. Sprouse was supposed to be in the car with Apa the night of the accident, but made other arrangements at the last minute, according to THR.

This incident is just the latest safety issue to arise on film and TV sets in recent months. In July, a stunt performer fell to his death while shooting "The Walking Dead," and in August, a performer died on the set of "Deadpool 2" while filming a motorcycle stunt.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]