Marvel's The PunisherNetflix, haven't "The Punisher" fans been punished enough?

The first trailer for Frank Castle's (Jon Bernthal) solo series has nearly 7 million views, with fans loving the combination of Bernthal, blood, badass action, and Metallica. But we're still waiting for that release date.

The official "The Punisher" account further teased fans to "read between the lines" of this new motion poster, and some fans think they did see some clues:

This guy thinks he solved it:

But "The Punisher" had something to say about that:

October 20 is a Friday, and Netflix does love to drop new originals on Fridays.

Over at, they have a theory on October 7, based on this image.

"[T]here is one moment in the motion poster where we can see the number "701" distinctly flashed across the screen; that could be a mirror flip of 107, or "10/7" meaning October 7th."

They're pushing 10/7 because Marvel TV is holding its "Punisher" panel at New York Comic-Con on Saturday, October 7th:

"While the panel will only run from 5:15 - 6:15pm, there's speculation that Marvel TV will hold a surprise screening of The Puinsher's first episode immediately afterward - and then top that surprise by announcing to fans that they can go out and watch the entire series that very same night."

If they're correct, then "The Punisher" will arrive even sooner than fans expected.

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