Host "Saturday Night Live" premiere, but he stayed intensely focused for this brilliant pre-taped bit on the awful font of "Avatar."

SNL launched its 43rd season on September 30, and one of the final sketches of the night was "Papyrus." It followed the manic obsession of Gosling's character with the idea that James Cameron could've used any font he wanted for the highest-grossing film of all time, and he chose ... Papyrus:Dammit, the man can commit.

SNL guest stars are eligible for Emmys, not Oscars, but that right there was an Oscar-worthy performance. And it was relatable for anyone who has spent years obsessing over a niche detail no one else cares about.

According to Vanity Fair, the sketch writer was Julio Torres, and he basically tweeted the entire concept in May:

"Avatar" came out in 2009, but -- as Gosling's character just discovered -- a bunch of sequels are coming. They just started production, and the four films will reportedly cost $1 billion to make.

Check out more videos from the SNL premiere. Gal Gadot and Sam Smith are next on October 7.

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