"Star Trek: Discovery" fans had a message for CBS on Sunday night that was a lot less friendly than "live long and prosper."

After Season 1, Episode 6 of the newest series in the Star Trek franchise began streaming Sunday, some fans experienced streaming issues. Twitter users described a variety of technical problems, like buffering, freezing, and poor video quality. This was particularly frustrating for users that had paid to subscribe to the service solely to watch "Discovery." Needless to say, they made that much clear to CBS as they struggled to watch the show.

For its part, CBS told Variety in a statement that "all small number of CBS All Access users experienced problems with buffering last night." The company explained that there were "technical issues" with one of its delivery partners and that they are working together to solve the problem. Hopefully, that will mollify the users affected, because boy, were they annoyed.

Users even started making dreaded comparisons to one of CBS All Access' formidable competitors. That's never good.

Fans are hoping for a better viewing experience moving forward, and it sounds like the streamer plans to deliver it. For everyone's sake, we hope they succeed.

New episodes of "Star Trek: Discovery" hit CBS All Access on Sunday evenings.