Superheroes and Halloween go together like peanut butter and chocolate, and lots of kids (and adults) will be dressing as their favored crusaders -- caped or otherwise -- this Halloween. But with those complicated, one-piece costumes comes an age old problem yet to be easily solved: How on Earth is someone supposed to use the bathroom while completely cocooned in a spandex suit?

That was the question plaguing one mom, Monique Tamminga, whose son is dressing as Deadpool for Halloween. So Tamminga decided to go straight to the source, and posed the query to "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds on Twitter.

Naturally, Reynolds had the perfect deadpan response ready (and a useful tip, too).

"Everybody knows the Deadpool suit is also a toilet," Reynolds tweeted back at Tamminga. "Get it together."

While we wouldn't necessarily condone actually taking the actor's word for it, that would certainly be an easier solution than trying to take the suit off and put it back on without assistance. Just be prepared to face a lot of raised eyebrows -- and held noses -- while you're out trick or treating in your soiled costume.

[via: Ryan Reynolds/Twitter]