That's it? Why not just let him be happy in Birmingham?

"The Walking Dead" is regularly baffling, but Season 8, Episode 3, "Monsters," killed off Season 1 group member Morales the episode after he returned for ... what?

  • To emphasize the kill vs. spare argument between Rick/Morgan/Tara and Jesus/Rick/Maggie?

  • To show, again, that the line between "us" and "them" is blurry, and Rick or Daryl could easily have been Saviors?

  • To show how the people they were at the start of the zombie apocalypse -- including "Officer Friendly" -- are dead and of no matter now?

  • To emphasize that they are all "Monsters" on both sides?

  • To show that a Savior is bad news and has to die no matter what? If so, what about Dwight? What about Baby Savior Gracie? And what about Eugene, one of the (probably many) reluctant "Negans" out there, not exactly thrilled to be at war?

Those may sound like reasons to bring him back and kill him, but come on. Hardcore fans have been wanting a check-in with Morales' family since Season 1, and this is what we get? Why not let Morales live on with his family, or return to him in some way that actually serves the character instead of just using him for still another We Are All Monsters/Kill Or Be Killed debate? It's not like TWD hasn't covered that ground before.

Never mind that it doesn't make any sense that they went to Birmingham, Alabama and then somehow Morales also ended up outside Alexandria, Virginia. (It already strained credibility enough that Morgan followed his bromance buddy Rick that far.) Maybe that will make sense later.

But Morales returned angry and prone to long speeches, somehow blaming Rick for his own family's decision to leave the group in Atlanta. Rick even gave him supplies before they left. It doesn't make sense that he would now have such a personal rage for Rick and his "Monsters." It also doesn't make sense that, all of a sudden, Daryl Dixon is shooting without question. He knew who Morales was and "it don't matter, not one little bit." He just killed him and moved on.

Viewers were left confused by the quick return and exit of Morales. Many viewers didn't even remember who he was (even after AMC's endless "Walking Dead" marathons to remind them) and wanted him dead just for talking so much. After Daryl killed Morales, the show continued and gave fans a death they cared about more -- Eric -- and a big battle cliffhanger for King Ezekiel.

But many fans were left wondering why they treated Morales that way after all these years:

Maybe it will make more sense later. Right now, it's just another frustrating missed opportunity. "The Walking Dead" Season 8 continues Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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