RUSH Philanthropic Arts Foundation Celebrates 20th Anniversary At Art For Life Sponsored By Bombay Sapphire GinDave Chappelle is going to have some angry Donald Trump supporters on his hands.

Netflix released a clip from the comedian's upcoming stand-up special, "Dave Chappelle: Equanimity," on Wednesday, and it gives a peak at one of the topics covered. Viewers get to see Chappelle talking about his experience with Trump voters, and not surprisingly, it is bound to ruffle some feathers.

In the clip, Chappelle discusses meeting poor, white Trump supporters while standing in line to vote and then pitying their naiveté. He recounts hearing people express their belief that the Republican candidate would go to Washington, D.C. and help the working class.

"He's fighting for me," Chappelle says, indicating that his tax bracket will be the one to come out ahead.

Netflix describes the special as a "stand-up event packed with scorching new material, self-reflection and tough love." Based on what we've seen so far, we assume people on the left will be much more likely to enjoy it than those on the right, but you can decide for yourself below.

Warning: The clip is NSFW.

"Dave Chappelle: Equanimity" premieres on Netflix on Dec. 31.