2016 MTV Movie Awards - Backstage And AudienceThere are a lot of hot dudes named Chris floating around Hollywood these days, particularly in the Marvel-verse -- but which one reigns supreme? Your answer may differ depending on personal preference (or even just the day of the week), but Ryan Reynolds wants you to know that you don't have to choose just one.

Reynolds declared his love for the Four Chrises -- a.k.a. Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and Chris Pine -- while chatting with some fans on Twitter this week. When one of the "Deadpool" star's followers asked him whether he thought Hemsworth, Pratt, or Evans was hotter, Reynolds had the perfect response ready (and didn't leave out poor afterthought Chris Pine, either).

"When ordering ice cream, I like to get all three scoops," the actor quipped, adding in a follow-up tweet that he'd also add "some Pine nuts generously sprinkled on top" of his dream dish (which is full of dreamy dishes, if we do say so ourselves). That's definitely a dessert we can get behind.

Of course, Reynolds could very well get to enjoy the company of all the Chrises --minus DCEU member Pine, anyway -- very soon: Disney recently snapped up the rights to 21st Century Fox's film library, and with it, "Deadpool." We'll keep our fingers crossed that the actor's (and our) delicious dream comes true.

[via: Ryan Reynolds/Twitter]