Why green? We'll give you Kree guesses.

"Captain Marvel" is now in pre-production, with star Brie Larson busy on set as Carol Danvers. She recently shared a photo of her character "Learning how to fly," but the latest photos are not so "official."

The set photos show Carol Danvers in a green suit, which confused some fans who are used to seeing her in red and gold:

Yes. Marvel fans can dip into the character's history to try and glean why she's green. It's probably related to the alien species the Kree.

Here's some history from ScreenRant, referencing the Marvel character Mar-Vell, who'll be played on screen by Jude Law:

"When the Kree warrior Mar-Vell originally came to Earth, he donned a green and white suit and used the name Captain Marvel. Eventually, he upgraded to the more familiar red and blue costume with the gold star which would serve as inspiration for Carol when she gained similar abilities.

Over time, Carol adopted her black and gold suit that she wore for most of her time as Ms. Marvel, but she returned to a costume inspired by Mar-Vell when she took his mantle as he'd been dead for years. [...]

There are a couple of reasons why Carol might be in this green costume. The simplest explanation is that she snags it from a Kree soldier after gaining her powers. It's hard to guess what Marvel will change or condense when it comes to Captain Marvel's origin, but we do know the Kree-Skrull War will be a big part of the movie. As such, there's a chance Carol will gain her powers during the conflict and then grab a uniform from a fallen Kree warrior as she heads into battle. The other big possibility is that we're seeing Mar-Vell's original suit which gets handed down to Carol."

Here are more reactions, referencing the Kree or just keeping a more positive open mind:

Marvel has yet to let us down, and we doubt they'll start here. "Captain Marvel" is scheduled for release March 8, 2019.

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