'Downton Abbey' Season Four Screening"Downton Abbey" may be boarded up (for now), but creator Julian Fellowes is ready to take viewers to the past again.

NBC has ordered a 10-episode season of "The Gilded Age," which is set in 1880s New York. It will mark Fellowes' first series following the award-winning "Downton Abbey."

The period drama, expected to premiere in 2019, focuses on "a period of immense social upheaval, of huge fortunes made and lost, and of palaces that spanned the length of Fifth Avenue."

For "Downton Abbey" fans, Cora Crawley was a product of this time period as a rich American heiress, but she traveled across the pond to find a noble husband.

The show follows Marian Brook, a wide-eyed daughter from a conservative family who wants to infiltrate the wealthy neighbors.

That clan includes ruthless railroad tycoon George Russell, rakish son Larry, and ambitious wife Bertha. But their "new money" proves an obstacle to gaining the favor of the Astor and Vanderbilt set. As NBC describes it, "Marian is about to experience a whole new world springing up right outside her front door."