UPDATE: She did it! And Andy Samberg did return for a cameo in "Natalie's Rap 2." So much win.

Original post:

P is for Portman! P is for ... um ... Please give us another "Natalie Raps" short!

Natalie Portman is hosting "Saturday Night Live" this Saturday, February 3, with musical guest Dua Lipa. That's almost 12 years after Natalie's first time hosting back on March 4, 2006. This time, she'll be promoting her new movie "Annihilation."

SNL shared the first promo for Natalie's episode, a moody and serious close-up of the star, with cameos from Pete Davidson (nice "Legalize It" hoodie) and Kenan Thompson.Two more promos followed later:We can only hope, dream, and pray that they somehow find a way to revisit Natalie's iconic "Natalie Raps" SNL digital short from back in 2006. Can Andy Samberg come back just for this, please? It's important.

That's all fans want:

The people have spoken! We'll have to see if SNL answers. Natalie's show airs February 3 at 11:29 p.m. EST on NBC.

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