"Stranger Things" Season 3 will have fewer episodes than Season 2 ... but not by much.

According to TVLine, Season 3 will have eight episodes. That's the same as Season 1, but one fewer than the nine of Season 2.

They added that "Production is slated to begin in mid April."

That's in line with what had been suggested before, but it was never confirmed. This seems to be confirmed ... but still not "official" since it's coming from a (trustworthy) news outlet as opposed to Netflix or a quoted producer. So far, Netflix has only announced that Season 3 is "officially happening."

What we still don't know is if Season 3 will premiere toward the end of 2018 or make us wait "Game of Thrones" style until 2019.

"Stranger Things" Season 2 released on Netflix in late October 2017. Season 3 is expected to include another time jump, probably about a year ago, reflecting the natural aging of the young cast members.

Executive producer Shawn Levy recently revealed that Season 3 wouldn't torture Will Byers again. He also said Season 3 will be "dealing with forces of evil that are new." And he promised more "Steve/Dustin action." And it sounds like there's some interesting stuff ahead for Mrs. Wheeler (Cara Buono).

"Stranger Things" will run for at least four seasons, possibly five, on Netflix.

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