Pay no attention to those viral messages, saying "SpongeBob SquarePants" will end on Thursday, March 1. The show is currently airing Season 11, and has already been renewed for Season 12, which will air during its 20th anniversary year.

The offending fake post in question does look "official" ...

... but if you check out the actual official account for the show, that tweet is nowhere to be found.

Some fans were fooled, while others were just frustrated:

The official Instagram account made the situation crystal clear:

Is March Fool's Day a thing now?

This isn't even the first time "SpongeBob" has faced his own TV death hoax. Snopes was on the case back in 2016 when another fake message suggested the show was ending. Instead, the show will continue at least until 2019. Season 12 will have 26 more episodes, Entertainment Weekly revealed. A third "SpongeBob" movie is also coming fairly soon, now scheduled for July 31, 2020.

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