Spare a hug for the DC fan in your life as Marvel goes into hyperdrive to promote "Avengers: Infinity War," hot off the $1 billion-and-counting success of "Black Panther."

The DC Extended Universe has yet to find a film to crack the $1B ceiling. So far, "Batman v Superman" has come the closest. The most recent movie, the superhero team-up "Justice League," fell the farthest.

"Justice League" has finished its box office run, and it clocked in at $657,924,295 worldwide. That puts it just behind 2013's "Man of Steel," which was the first DCEU movie.

What went wrong for "Justice League"? So much has already been said on this topic, and fans are now placing blame across the board -- including the film's plot, tone, and character issues; Joss Whedon tanking Zack Snyder's vision; and critics steering fans away.

Here are the domestic and worldwide grosses for the DCEU movies to date (via Box Office Mojo):

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"

Domestic: $330,360,194

Foreign: $543,274,725

Worldwide: $873,634,919

"Wonder Woman"

Domestic: $412,563,408

Foreign: $409,283,604

Worldwide: $821,847,012

"Suicide Squad"

Domestic: $325,100,054

Foreign: $421,746,840

Worldwide: $746,846,894

"Man of Steel"

Domestic: $291,045,518

Foreign: $377,000,000

Worldwide: $668,045,518

"Justice League"

Domestic: $229,024,295

Foreign: $428,900,000

Worldwide: $657,924,295

Interesting to see that "Justice League" actually made more than "Wonder Woman," "Suicide Squad," and "Man of Steel" at the foreign box office, it just couldn't get that kind of love at home.

On the bright side, the bar is now very low for James Wan's "Aquaman." That movie opens December 21.

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